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“Joy is very infectious” ~ Mother Teresa

“Let anyone who comes to you go away feeling better and happier. Every one should see goodness in your face, in your eyes, in your smile. Joy shows from the eyes. It appears when we speak and walk. It cannot be kept closed inside us. It reacts outside. Joy is very infectious.” – Mother Teresa

Feast of the Birth of Saint John the Baptist

June 24 is the Feast of the Birth of Saint John the Baptist, the cousin of Christ who leapt in his mother Elizabeth’s womb at the Visitation, when the Virgin Mary came to share with her the good news she had been given at the Annunciation. Traditionally, Catholics have seen John the Baptist’s leap as a type of Baptism, and thus believe that he is one of only three people born without Original Sin–Christ Himself and the Blessed Virgin being the other two. (The difference, of course, is that both Christ and the Virgin Mary were conceived without sin, while John the Baptist was conceived in sin but cleansed before his birth.)

John the Baptist dedicated his life to calling the Jews to repentance. He is called the Forerunner of Christ, because he “prepared the way of the Lord” through his “voice crying out in the wilderness.” In traditional iconography, he is depicted with wings like an angel, because angels are messengers between God and man.

Mary, Star of Hope

Encyclical Letter, SPE SALVI (SPE SALVI facti sumus—in hope we were saved), of the Supreme Pontiff Benedict XVI to the Bishops, Priests, and Deacons, Men and Women Religious and all the Lay Faithful on Christian Hope. Given in Rome, at Saint Peter’s, on 30 November, the Feast of Saint Andrew the Apostle, in the year 2007, the third anniversary of Benedict’s Pontificate.

“With a hymn composed in the eighth or ninth century, thus for over a thousand years, the Church has greeted Mary, the Mother of God, as “Star of the Sea”: Ave maris stella. Human life is a journey. Towards what destination? How do we find the way? Life is like a voyage on the sea of history, often dark and stormy, a voyage in which we watch for the stars that indicate the route. The true stars of our life are the people who have lived good lives. They are lights of hope. Certainly, Jesus Christ is the true light, the sun that has risen above all the shadows of history. But to reach him we also need lights close by—people who shine with his light and so guide us along our way. Who more than Mary could be a star of hope for us? With her “yes” she opened the door of our world to God himself; she became the living Ark of the Covenant, in whom God took flesh, became one of us, and pitched his tent among us” (cf. Jn 1:14)

The graces during the 30th Anniversary in Medjugorje will be incredible! YOU CAN BE THERE!

Our Lady’s apparitions to Ivan will be streamed live from Medjugorje on June 23rd and June 26, 2011, at 12:00 Noon (EST) . We will begin streaming the rosary before the apparition, and afterwards Ivan will graciously answer questions. Join us at

We have been told that those connected through the internet are prayed over by Our Lady the same as those kneeling right next to the visionary…and the religious items they have with them that they would like Our Lady to bless are blessed the same as the religious items placed in front of her during the apparition!