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Heaven In A Wild Flower


An early morning walk began through the back entrance of a garden sanctuary. The fields were damp with the morning dew and the sun postured itself for a glorious autumn day. You can barely see anything, its a messy weedy field, un-kept at the moment. Perfect for my feelings.





Coming from behind, the white cross hidden above the purple plum leaves, I love the way the cross appears light amid the dark leaves. And the high heavens above for the cross to bloom infinitely.



I kneel beneath the cross, recite my thoughts into prayers, speaking to our creator, a way to being whole, hearing my heart, laying down my burdens, side by side.





Followed my eyes to these beauties….nature doesn’t think, it unfolds in perfect harmony to the rhythm of the universe.




Looking and being one with nature is a sure way to find your ohm and begin to understand our human nature through the fine details of mother nature.




If they could speak,

“Good morning, my love. Watch me grow. And know everything that’s broke, leave it to the breeze.”HK9RU1o20sazzzIV16HWO3WA4DWAExstA-YkA50OEHQ

Upon leaving, Mother Mary meets me, we talk and say the Rosary together. So me, how I go in the exit and leave through the entrance. A sign, I see across the way, surely was supposed to meet me as I entered. But really fit for me to read on the way out.


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“Hold back nothing of yourselves for yourselves, that He who gives Himself totally to you, may receive you totally!” ~ St. Francis of Assisi


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God’s Providence Builds Up A Community

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Jesus: Our Perfect Diamond

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Facing East: Meet the Day

Facing East is a song by Thievery Corporation. When I hear this song I think of waking up, meeting the day, meeting the sunrise before its dawn, seeing life from its still point before the day has hatched. The same point the universe goes to to create time and space, a place where every moment blossoms into its infinite variety. Everything is possible.

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Holy Name of Mary

Today is the Feast of the Most Holy Name of Mary, which commemorates the intercession of the Mother of God in the Battle of Vienna (September 11-12, 1683). This battle marked the end of the Ottoman Turk advance into Europe, and the beginning of the Christian recovery of Southeastern Europe. As we celebrate this feast by praying this Litany of the Holy Name of Mary, we should remember in a special way the Christians of the Middle East who are suffering and dying today at the hands of the spiritual heirs of the Ottoman Empire.

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One of Earth’s Largest Trees

The world’s second-largest known tree, the President, in Sequoia National Park is photographed by National Geographic magazine photographer Michael “Nick” Nichols for the December 2012 issue. The final photograph is a mosaic of 126 images.

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Beautify the Industrial

Handmade Portraits: The Public Art of Maya Hayuk from Etsy on Vimeo.

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Slowly Drifting

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