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Jubilee Year of Mercy and the Cross

The Mercy Year is about change
about uncovering misleadings
about doing the work
about feeling God’s abundant love and mercy
about merciful forgiveness

Mercy is doing the hard work of forgiving love

God’s Mercy went into the Cross
God went into the sin
He did the work
Fought the battle

forgiveness is hard work
taking upon sin and conquering it
swallowing it up

divine love unleashes power
conquering the world
power of the divine mercy correcting sin from the inside

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Saint Catherine of Siena

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Luke In Medjugorje Lights My Way

IMG_3096It is good to have holy places in the world and good for us to go on pilgrimages. Ultimately it is what you feel from the place that is lasting. Visiting the place is to plant a seed, to change within yourself is to watch it grow. IMG_3182When people visit a holy place, some say that the spirits of the place speak to them, others remember the sites and sounds of the exotic landscapes and traditions. Letting your heart be moved by what you experience allows you to receive the true treasures.

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World Day of Prayer for Vocations

Pope Francis said, “Our life is fully secure in the hands of Jesus and the Father, which are one single thing: one unique love, a unique mercy, revealed once for all in the sacrifice of the Cross.” Addressing the faithful in Saint Peter’s Square, after having ordained eleven new priests on the World Day of Prayer for Vocations, the Holy Father focused on the figure of the Good Shepherd, which “indicates the close relationship that Jesus wants to establish with each one of us. He is our guide, our teacher, our friend, our model, but above all He is our Saviour.” But “no one can call himself a follower of Jesus, if he does not listen to His voice.”

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Please Shine Your Light

This man is not just another person listening to loud music on his headphones and singing even louder… He’s on a mission!

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Listen To Dottie

Fashion Revolution April 18 – 24, 2016

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8 Days of Easter Leading to Divine Mercy


20160317_183756Jesus proved we don’t really die, this is a world where we learn how to live. Our real home is called Eternity not planet Earth.  Truth is we don’t even have to wait, we can live the real life now.  We are children of the resurrection! Jesus told sin and evil, they are tempters but not our ruler. Go and live! Be not afraid, Jesus defeated the weight of the world and opened a door for us to follow.


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Resurrection_(24)Jesus is alive and well! We so often view him nailed to the cross. But truly we should visualize him resurrected. He triumphed over sin, death, and the weigh of this world (tyranny).  This life is not the end. Its the beginning.

Icon of the Resurrection, with Christ, having kicked down the gates of Hades and pulling Adam and Eve out of the tombs. Christ is flanked by saints, and Satan, depicted as an old man, is bound and chained.

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Sacred Heart of Jesus

Sacred Heart of Jesus by Pompeo Batoni, 1767

Sacred Heart of Jesus
We carry you
the best we know how
protecting you in this carriage
traveling across time
bullets and bumps
the carriage gets hit
you are still safe inside
being carried across centuries
precious, beating forever
pouring out your merciful love


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Christ Leads the Way

Hippie Jesus in Wäversunda church, Sweden. painted somewhere in the 12th century.
Hippie Jesus in Wäversunda church, Sweden. painted somewhere in the 12th century.

· Although, according to the thinking of the world, he was betrayed, he didn’t choose that perception for himself.

· What created the space for his triumph was his defenselessness, his holding to love despite what others were doing to him.

· Our power comes from saying, “I will step back and let Him lead the way.” The Christ within us can handle any assault because it is not affected by loveless ness.

· It takes great courage and personal strength to hold on to our center during times of great hurt. It takes wisdom to understand that our reactive ness only fans the flames of false drama. Love creates a mystical shield around us, protecting us from the chaos.

Jesus, I Trust You

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