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For You My Love, HBD

Could this really be the origin of the Irish Jig?

I imagine this film below as Annie, Becky, Bill, Ben, John, Joe, and Peggy (Peter’s filming) at Central Lake 1984

And Skyley is the most talented baby! Her gift of the Irish jig is the youngest jiggie dancing baby in history :)

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Supervised By God

eye-in-the-sky-1440825-m“In the Bible, the negative is always in service of a greater positive. But it happens in God’s way, on God’s timetable. This means we should never despair; never give up even when catastrophe strikes. The entire process is being watched and supervised by God.”

-Father Barron


Let that rock you today!



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Cleaning Our Temples During Lent 2015

iron-ring-on-rock-wall-1416562-mtrusting to enter

and cleanse my soul

mercy is your whipping broom

adhere me

to your truth


“When we enter in our hearts, we find things that aren’t right, that are not good, as Jesus found that filth of trade in the Temple of the money-changers. There is filth also within us; there are sins of egoism, of arrogance, of pride, of cupidity, of envy, of jealousy … so many sins! We can also continue the dialogue with Jesus: “Jesus, do you trust me? I want you to trust me. So I open the door and cleanse my soul.” And we must ask the Lord that, as He went to cleanse the Temple, that he come to cleanse our soul. And we imagine that he comes with a whip of cords … No, that doesn’t cleanse the soul! Do you know what Jesus’ whip is to cleanse our soul? Mercy. Open your heart to Jesus’ mercy! Say: “Jesus, look at all this filth! Come and cleanse us. Cleanse us with Your mercy, with Your gentle words; cleanse us with Your caresses.” And if we open our heart to Jesus’ mercy, so that He cleanses our heart, our soul, Jesus will trust Himself to us.”


Pope Francis March 9th, 2015



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Wandering Star by Polica

God is on the move

let us not build a tent here

marry to the wandering star

gravity gone

know who you are

super natural


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Channel Like a Waterfall

waterfall-1219159-m“A strong person and a waterfall always channel their own path.” -unknown

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You Might Need Mass Fitness

Are you walking into Mass out of shape? Idol Chatter is here to help with “Mass Fitness.” After all … “He who dances prays thrice!”

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The Art of the Journey

sunset--1445580-m“Journeying is precisely the art of looking toward the horizon, thinking where I want to go but also enduring the fatigue of the journey, which is sometimes difficult. … There are dark days, even days when we fail, even days when we fall … but always think of this: Don’t be afraid of failures. Don’t be afraid of falling.”
-Pope Francis

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Called to be a Lamb of God

1_21_agnes4Today is the Feast Day of St. Agnes, a fourth-century martyr who is one of the most beloved of all female saints, because of her heroic commitment to purity.  It is within the Church on January 21st, the day of Agnes’ execution, that two lambs are presented to the Pope, who blesses the lambs. The lambs suggest the name of Saint Agnes, a play on the word “agnus”, which in Latin means lamb-life. But more than this, the lambs represent the sacrifice of Saint Agnes, who offered her life as a sacrifice to Christ the Lord.

The wool from these lambs prepared on Holy Thursday and used to weave the palliums that the Pope bestows on archbishops. The pallium is a circlet of woolen cloth decorated with crosses that is worn by an archbishop as a sign of the dignity of his office, an office he exercises in communion with the Pope.

We must all be willing to give up our lives in service to Christ the Lord. We may not be asked to accept as our mission torture and death like Saint Agnes but we will be asked to make a sacrifice.

What that specific sacrifice will be will be specific to our vocation and differs from person to person, but whatever our sacrifice will be it will be an act of love, a manifestation of fidelity to Christ, and a witness of our hope that Christ the Lord offers us more than anything than the world can give.


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Protect Life & Sacred Love

A Friend, Danielle Rose, has released a new pro life music video that she filmed in China a few years ago. She went to China to film and to work with the orphans in China Little Flower Orphanage. Because of the one child policy that is enforced in China, many children are aborted or abandoned in the streets, especially amongst the poor. Those that are abandoned are often deformed in some way. Being the anniversary of Roe vs Wade in our own country, stop for a moment. Be silent. Quiet your mind. Pray. Protect Life. Radiate Sacred Love.

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The Power of Christ in Me – Trouble by Joe Zambon

Growing up on a small family farm, Joe was among the 1100 residents of Iroquois, Ontario, Canada. The rural town provided the space, tranquility and fresh air he needed to develop as an artist. He began by honing his piano skills, then taught himself guitar.

This is Sweet —————

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