Divine Mercy Sunday 2011 ~ Spiritually, a very powerful day on earth

excerpt from Pope Benedict XVI’s Homily

Beautification of Pope John Paul II

S. Peter’s Square

“Today is the Second Sunday of Easter, which Blessed John Paul II entitled Divine Mercy Sunday. The date was chosen for today’s celebration because, in God’s providence, my predecessor died on the vigil of this feast. Today is also the first day of May, Mary’s month, and the liturgical memorial of Saint Joseph the Worker. All these elements serve to enrich our prayer, they help us in our pilgrimage through time and space; but in heaven a very different celebration is taking place among the angels and saints! Even so, God is but one, and one too is Christ the Lord, who like a bridge joins earth to heaven. At this moment we feel closer than ever, sharing as it were in the liturgy of heaven.”

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Art work ~ Divine Mercy by John O’Brien