Gratitude Prayer for Guidance

I thank you Lord for helping me make it this far.
I trust you Lord to continue showing me the way.
I am open to the Holy Spirit and all of its gifts.
I have been blessed in this life so that I may bless others.
I find strength in quietness and confidence.
I allow space between projects, between thoughts.
I cherish stillness and silence like dear friends.
I know everything is meant to be and all will work out in the end.
Self discipline is the key to staying on the path.
Fear and doubt have no place in my mind as they serve no purpose.
I am surrounded by the light of Love.
The world is surrounded by the light of Love.
I see my destiny unfolding before me in perfect synchronicity.
I welcome Grace, luck and serendipity into my life.
There has never been anyone exactly like me in the history of the world.
I am grateful to be chosen to sit at God’s table.
Lord grant me a shield from all negative influences and thoughts.
Bless my finances and thank you for bringing abundance into my life.
I humbly bow to you Lord, The Light of the World, so that I may also be a light.
I pray for guidance for this day and for all the days to come.
I am healed by your sweet love, Oh Lord. I see clearly my path in your light.

Not to know, is to know

“For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, says the Lord.”
Isaiah 55:8

This, to me, is a reminder that however grandiose or lowly our thoughts may be, they are not necessarily God’s thoughts and we should always keep them in check, not assuming our thinking rises to the level of God. This is actually a gift of freedom from both pride and worry, for when we understand how little we know and how askew our thoughts can be, we are more ready to let go of them and accept the grace that comes from trusting God more than our own thoughts.


In Church the priest talked about how Christians are given the gift of freedom. I started to wonder what he meant. Then I realized he meant that, if one has enough faith …
Freedom from fear
Freedom from worry
Freedom from superstition
Freedom from greed, anger, envy and the other deadly sins
If we just have enough faith.

A new generation a “Evangelical Catholics?”

Catholicism could be shifting from a culture-shaping authority to a more passionate and proactive subculture, which can challenge the status quo of mainstream society, according to a column by John L Allen Jr. on the National Catholic Reporter’s website.

Allen also talks about a changing of the guard in the “millennial generation” of young Catholics who appear more fervent and embracing of the Church’s customs and traditions — like the 15 million who showed up for World Youth Day in Spain — possibly a reaction to the lack of unity and tradition found in our post-post-modern world.

The recent pro-life flash mob is a good example of Catholicism challenging the status-quo, as are the many blogs started by young Catholics.

This could mean some of Catholicism’s best years are ahead if the practitioners are living it more from the heart than the head.

Allen had many other insights which you can read here.