A thank you to the medical center that helped save Baby Joseph

(We received a follow-up email from Priests For Life, asking us to send a quick “thank you” to the hospital who will care for Baby Joseph in the United States. Following is an excerpt from their letter…)

“We at Priests For Life are very grateful to you for being among the tens of thousands of pro-lifers who sent e-mails to the doctors and administrators at the Canadian hospital where Baby Joseph would have been forced to die. This victory just goes to show that when enough good people get involved and work together, miracles happen.

“We’re also extremely grateful that the Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital [in St. Louis, MO] — out of dozens of hospitals we contacted—had the intestinal fortitude to stand up to all the political pressure and say, ‘YES! We’ll take Baby Joseph and care for him! That’s what we do!’

“Without them, Baby Joseph had no real hope of survival. Therefore, I’m writing to ask you to send one more e-mail —this time, a “Thank You” e-mail to the officials at Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital—and tell them how thrilled you are that they took in Baby Joseph during the most critical hour in his fight for life.

All you have to do is click here, and use the e-mail form that we’ve provided for your convenience.”

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