Rally surprised by pro-life flash mob

During a rally held in downtown Chicago on February 26th to support the false “choice” of abortion-on-demand, teens and young adults organized a counter-demonstration in the form of a “pro-life flash mob” to support the right-to-life of the unborn.

The youth gathered inconspicuously, and then when prompted by music playing from a backpack sound system, they spontaneously assembled and yellow balloons rose into the air with the word “Life” on them.

The original rally gatherers were asked to wear orange for the event, so the pro-life gatherers surprised them when they revealed signs that spelled the message, “ORANGE YOU GLAD TO SEE US???”

The pro-life mission was to bring a positive message of life to Chicago, and we at LightsMyWay salute the young pro-lifers for their peaceful and joyful reminder that that we all start this life as a fetus, and that the taking of that unborn life is not a valid “choice.”

More on this appeared on Thomas Peters’ blog @ Americanpapist.com

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