Month of the Holy Rosary – October 2012

Queen of the Most Holy Rosary, pray for us!

In 1883, Pope Leo XIII officially dedicated the month of October to the Holy Rosary.

Say the Rosary daily. Reach out and share it with others. Remember how it changed you and what effects you saw in your life when you began saying the Rosary. There is a before and after effect when you hear it and memorize it. It has changed my prayers in such a profound way and has deepened our family’s prayer life and connections spiritually. Read an article where reader questions Rosary and Rote Prayer. Not just words, real conversations going on in the universe with the Rosary.

Try and add Crusade of the Family Rosary into your prayer circle this month.

For the Crusade of the Family Rosary

O Queen of the most holy Rosary: with hearts full of confidence we earnestly beseech you to bless the Crusade of the Family Rosary. From you came the grace to begin it. From you must come the grace to win souls to it. We beg you to bless this Crusade so that from every home the incense of this prayer will daily rise before you, O admirable Mother.

O Queen of Homes: by the power of the Rosary we beseech you to embrace all the members of our family in the love of your Immaculate Heart. May you abide with us and we with you, praying to you while your pray for us. May you preside in our homes as once you did at Nazareth with Jesus and Joseph, filling them with the holiness of your presence and inspiration.

O Queen of Peace: it is you who have placed the Rosary in our hands. It is you who bid us to recite it daily. By the power of the Family Rosary we beseech you to obtain peace for us–peace within our hears, our homes, our country, and throughout the world. Through the daily recitation of the Family rosary we beg you to keep sin from our souls, enmities from our hearts, and war from our shores. By the graces received from the devotion of the Family Rosary we pray to be made helpful to one another in following the paths of virtue so that we may be found worthy to be called children of your family, children of your home. Amen.

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