Danielle Rose finds Truth in the Eurcharist

Danielle Rose was raised Catholic, but it wasn’t until college when she fell in love with her faith with the Catholic Church. “By the hands of Mary,” she says, “I was taught the truth of Christ and His presence in the Sacraments.”

There came a time in her life when she questioned, “Is it really true, that the Eucharist is really Jesus? If it is not just this nice symbol but if it really is Him, His Body and Blood that we receive at Mass, then I wouldn’t need anything else. I wouldn’t need to eat because if it really is Him, the God of the Universe, then that would be all I need. That’s it.”

She begged God for the gift of faith. But she didn’t really believe. “Because if I really believed then everything would change. If I really believed then everything in my life would change around the Truth,” she realized. She pleaded to know, was Jesus really in the Eucharist? She prayed, “Help me to believe, Lord.” She began to go to daily Mass, to receive His presence in the Eucharist everyday. She found herself drawn there.

Three years past of attending daily Mass culminated in the realization that God had given her the gift of Faith. She knew it was true, it was His body and blood in the Eucharist. But then what scared her more than not knowing the Truth was that she knew she would have to live her life to exemplify the Truth and live that. She felt deep terror because she had no excuse not to do His will and love each person that she met with His love.

She understood, “when we receive His presence there, the Body of Christ, we are members of the body of Christ and that’s a real living thing, we are made for heaven and when we come before the tabernacle, there’s that light there, because we keep vigil with the Lord, like He’s here. It’s such a mystery but He’s actually here. He is so humble that he chooses to be silent. He hides himself there and reveals Himself as much as we let Him.”

Once she graduated from Notre Dame and began a ministry as a music missionary, everywhere she went, she would meet these beautiful people and feel such love for them. She’d be so sad to leave them, not knowing if she’d see them again in this lifetime. She knew “we are made for heaven, we’re destined for that, and God is so gracious to us he doesn’t make us wait until then to be face to face with Him, receive Him, to know Him, and to be with each other. There’s not a separation, when we come to Mass and receive Him there, there’s a living glimpse, a moment that we are already united with Him… He feeds us. He makes his home us.”

Her song, See You In The Eucharist, attributes all that is true within the Eucharist. She explains it so eloquently. “When we come before a tabernacle all the souls of all people in the body of Christ are present there, all the souls who have gone before us that are in heaven, all the saints and angels, all of us now are present in the Body of Christ. Its this incredible mystery. When we go to Mass and receive the Eucharist, it is this incredible mind boggling thing, that not only does Jesus give us himself to us in the Eucharist, but that we receive each other, as members of his body, in the body of Christ, that we’re all there with Him.”

“I want the whole world to know that, it’s Him there in the Eucharist. That’s the most amazing gift that God has given us, that He didn’t just come 2000 years ago and leave and make us wait to be with Him. He lets us be with Him now, everyday as close as Mary, as close as the apostles. I wish every person in the world, every Christian would know this and we could all be united in Him and receive Him. That’s my prayer and that’s what I’ll be praying for my whole life.”

“Spending time with Him in the Eucharist, that’s how everything changed my life. He does speak to each one of us, He really does want to say something to you but we don’t believe that and so we don’t even go listen. If there’s anything I would want to say, ‘It’s to know Him there.’ ”

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