Shared Story: I never met my father…

I never met my biological father. This left a spiritual wound within me.

Later in life, I married a Joseph at St. Joseph Chapel in St Joseph County on St. Joseph Lake. Then after roaming for ten years, we bought our first home in St. Joseph, Mi and go to St. Joseph Church.

Saint Joseph, patron of all patriarchs, has been a light in my life, a sign from God.

God sent me signs all along to heal the spiritual wound. If I hadn’t noticed, I’d still be hurt. St. Joseph lights my way.

One thought on “Shared Story: I never met my father…

  1. St. Joseph is awesome!!! He lights my way too. Every prayer I have asked him to take on has been answered. Every time I bring him a concern, I know that he takes it on as one of his petitions and asks Jesus to answer it. He is a rock!

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