What’s the Purpose of Suffering?



True Love Seeks the Highest Heights:
We are God’s Beloved.  Genuine love seeks the best for us. No suffering is ultimately meaningless or pointless. We believe that a loving God is providentially orchestrating all things, in a way that upholds our freedom. For that reason we believe that when God allows us to suffer, He is doing so to protect us from a greater evil, or to lift us to a far greater and outweighing good.


everybody-have-their-cross-to-carry-1302969-mTrue Love Allows Freedom of Will:
God sometimes allows suffering into our lives to provoke us to search for Him.

True Love Grants Opportunity:
God gives us opportunities to love Him, give glory to His Holy Name, to merit glory, and to participate in His work of redemption.


True love accepts, trusts, and grows.